The Demo Tape

by Team Dynamite

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released April 4, 2010

MCs: Lucky Lance & Tony Tz, All tracks produced by Haz Beats, All tracks recorded, mixed & scratched by DJ Substance. Mastered by Mark Howden @ Depot Sound.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Promise Keepers
lance: always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else
inside of my empty bottle i was constructing a lighthouse while the others were making ships
i've learned in life you can get places by having the right enemies
curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat
i say only that the cat died nobly
education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or self confidence
the wicked are always surprised to find that the good can be clever
a thankful person is thankful under all circumstances
a complaining soul complains even in paradise
Track Name: Circumstances
i feel no pressure i feel no pain
here comes the rain
coz i can see the skies grey
but i know one day i'll be a o.k.
so i don't

don't need no reason no reason at all
i'm just saying
that we the light side baby
yes them light siders

tony: with nobody to do help me out i find myself day dreaming on my grandmas couch,
i do feel pressure and i do feel pain, just not today
things ain't looking up its fucked up, you in a ruck but you live to see another day
battle on the solider way fresh air from a mile away,
we kool but are rest safe, i'd have to say unlikely, but what the truth is, is certain circumstances
win or lose spark a light, the homie told ya we'd never lie and we don't
got that thunder in the trunk if you want to
lose your mind follow me, single file and then you'll see
it's not just you, i feel it soon to change like the tides do
coz something bout this weather got me feeling strong must hold on for not to long
i'd have you singing a song like, thoughts of an immortal life make me think twice about
the actions that i take to challenges in life
so go on and put that in your pipe
the futures bright
forever Dynamite, DYNAMITE!

lance: it may seem as if i'm down and out but i'm up and in to win playing for keeps elite speech I breach the
laws of nature when thoughts are major I make the effort to take the time to break it down
life in general i've been through a couple of ordeals a couple of raw deals
the truth hurts war wounds times heal some drugs help i turn stealth and don't feel the numbness of reality
where i'm at and where I need to be cause it's a definite
that i should be ahead of this lifestyle i'm living in isn't it the same with every other human
focusing on better thems until then i'm good as gold
given to the ones who hold their hands out in need of it the most
so toast to your material world i drown solo it's lucky lance with sorrows of a broken circumstance
Track Name: Jah Kids
lance: (tell em) jah kids let me tell you what I have been up to
i've been up with the red shit i've been down with the blue
while you're thinkin about gangs
i mean in the mood for some winnings, got a funny feeling i'll be
in for a surprise peek-a-boo cover your eyes try see no evil MC then i'll appear in your mind
nine times out of ten i'ma win hands down leave room for error no half steppin either
steez cool as ever me and Tz any weather get together and deliver e.t.a can be whenever
you would like it like right now I might sound up myself but now is not the time to pipe down i'm in a rush
i gotta bust the rhymes got a future to find myself living better pulling cheddar for mother
poor little sister got a bummy older brother but little do they know they got a rap superstar top gunner
who holds in down in the basement?

team dynamite!
with demo tapes in the basement
we make 'em say woah!
like one takes in the basement
coz its no secret
you're underground if you're found in the basement

tony: it goes one for the music, two to dare to use it, what up jah kidz
here check the new edition, is you ready, ready, revolutionary
old habits getting buried with the rhythm and my rhyme
no time in doing time so i graduated barely, hardly, but now catch me barging down the margin
keeping the pen moving steady, machete the weapon of my choice
shredding ink and claiming glory i'm only letting you know, coz yo
here come the replacements from right beneath the basement
but nobody wanna say shit, so i stand up and say shit
take that keko broom sweep slap across the room
knocking that common sense inside of you to see that good and the bad and the ugly
the fame with respect and that money
took a little while and now i think nothing above it
hush now... lets take it back to the basics
who holds it down in the basement?
Track Name: Magic Potion
lance: getting stoned all day is too easy
probably like it is for a female teasing the opposite sex
with what he could get but what he should get
is something that the chick wants some magic potion
something that will open her up to the real world
show her that real guys don't go for those girls
i want a mary j blige not a pussy cat doll hold up just the one night
whoever wherever you are
whether loved when first heard or hated from first bar
i'm far from unhappy without you
probably be an outflow of joy once deployed in my house, no
how do you do you'll know that i'm lucky lance
you can ask me anything you like i'll get every question right
believe team dynamite never lie
especially on the mic and that's why

(chorus) x2
my, my magic potion for love is music
and there's more than many reasons
for me to be in front of this m.i.c
and you're one of them

tony: get into mode with no dress code eyes locked and load and roam
feel it get all magical allowing you to see more brown skinned and beautiful
here's something from me to you your soul beating to this musical
the potions in the air and love sounds unusual but not for you
i'm moving with the melody you gotta move right out my way if possible
hoes no room group them up and let them soak with the potion
to cure all when all falls it all goes well
well hopefully for one more tale gathered for all to see
it's only you and i until we tie perfect ocean seas with that harmony we all seek
so lady understand my music and me
fam, the streets, marijuana in all different strains which makes me
a stranger to you and i us still lose but for now lend me your hand and let me introduce
Track Name: Let's Chill
lance: let's chill for a little longer i got a lot of work to do
but i put it off when i get a chance to chill
a chiller on the real non stop worker when i kneel
feels good when i get up then i'm stepping outside
to see the homeboys there to scoop me up
i hop on inside like wsup
can you please turn this up this sounds nice
got rice papers cause i got that bomb bud
now we're rolling in the vapours not one tongue talking
taking trainofthoughtacation so gracefully leave the station
you wouldn't noticed you've left
session after session guessing what's next
wishing you no longer had to wish
a specialist in pipe dreams (or an analyst it might seem)
i'm not just here to chill but to just chill i can
and if you're after that feel good then i'm your man (lucky lance, dynamite)
and this is the team be it feel good we can
in this land of the long white cloud nine

(long white) cloud nine (long white) cloud nine (x2)
you'll find our kind under a let's chill sign
under a let's (chill sign) under a let's (chill sign)
raining or the weather fine no change in the state of mind
no change in the (state of mind) no change in the (state of mind)
i'm a let's chill kinda guy on that let's get extra high
let's get (extra high) let's get (extra high)
find me and then we're away take you to the happy days
take you to the (happy days) oh so (happy days)
mellow yellow and it aint just the drink
but the way that we kick it and the way we can think

tony: let's chill for a little minute
how bout we all get lifted i'm spitting with the gifted
this marijuana's lifting me to where i wanna be
live from the city side auckland so this time me time
there's no more repeating mind i'ma chill while smoking on some skills
famils are so for reals so for that i'll soul clap for yous
turn it up and rap some more for yous this that grooving in the lounge feel
now you know how T's feels
let's chill the wing windmills sunshine with no cloud up in my sky view
it's just another ordinary day if you from my hood
ROSKILL my side of town see we hold it down just the same as anywhere or anyone anyway
lights out windows up and watch vanilla smoke clouds
and tell me dynamite sounds like the type to take a load off
and nurse wounds with the small talk about making them big moves
in this land of the long white
Track Name: Aqua Raps
lance: submerged in a world full of eels
tropical fish with poisonous gills
i track the sea bed with the team a THC tank if i need
a breath of sesh air i'm blowing bubbles
around any hunter trying to harpoon the largest
whale of a good time had by me and my class mates
i'm ready to surface you first heard the wet n wild
emergence of a sea urchin i reptile around
for as long as i need freestyle in the weed
backstroke through dope float above the ripples of thrown stones
sensai says you gotta be as smooth as a pebble
see nobody can whirlpool me down
i'm flamboyant i sail to a feel good sound
i'm water wise sunny horizon shimmering moonlight off the change in tide
when your blazing by the waters edge come on in the waters fine
i sea shores and find my thoughts ocean wide
too many people are dry so i sea breeze them by
the water carrier with these aqua raps of mine

so, come on (come on) come on (come on) come on
the, the, the waters fine
stroke (stroke) stroke (stroke) stroke)
with dynamite to rock the boat
float (float) float (float) float
downstream to waterfalls
waterfall (down) down (down) down (down)
where aqua raps are found

tony: plunge through the deep blue
emotions are crystal clear see through
i see you as peaceful
sun burning and weed too
trying to synchronize through the ray of light
through the rough seas capsizing me
into this water world splash waterfall
black pearl it's the anchorman skating on them lily pads
marco can't catch me fish out the water
round here haters call them jellyfish
underwater beneath the surface of the sea, a river or a lake
you might just see me puffing bubbles electric puha seaweed
hot up in the sun i've gone fishing with the mermaids party on the first wave
aqua raps surging through kid calabunga dude
line hook sinker took the bait now to bail is impossible
a barracuda mascot bring me luck in the kingdom
i swear you're sinking this what it is in my aquarium
come on
Track Name: Dear Summer
tony: check my summertime blue probably got you too
probably got the best of me back when i was in school
i'm sitting loud thinking to myself i sez i'm done with all this shit id rather use mouth so!
lyrics i kickem and i'm crooked like earth, i've got one too many problems and i hustle and work
these days you gotta go do what you have to
sit down or stand up 2000 and forever, forever HooD Kidd Souljah
like T.L.C all day i've been chasing waterfalls and yes life's a bitch so you gots to get your growin on
i've been on a come up ever since i was little one
but it's the summertime blue that got me feeling real warm, ya dig?
i spit fire and no the flow ain't for hire, thug ryder like Stan Ow how dope i am
i'm telling these ladies now fix up cause soon i'll be the man
who used to be the man you chose to flash the palm of your hand to
but anyway no more grey just the sky and me smoke reefer round the daily like my homie CNAK
say word son, they got it wrong, Roskill was smoking a bong
but we here now for real, can't be leaving my blues alone
salute to all my homies representing for ya state house
your summertime blue gone pick you up when you face down
and Rest In Peace MANIX, you in a better place now (place now) ya digg

lance: not a cloud in the sky this nice weather i like
so i buzz major heights in it (pop) another bottle kiss the mist and blow it
we do this like purp i'm on it in my horse doggs long sleeve so clean till the next morning
my t-shirts bleeding alcohol and it's nearly midday, still drinking alcohol
but today seems different cause i'm looking through the eyes off a pisshead
like this is a relief but not an everyday thing for me, still i spend weekends bending elbows
till the dive pool shallow i mellow and mould to the seat
put that green to my lips and feel that sweet sensation infiltration
of the marijuana hit'll get the highest chin to sit the fuck down
and watch how the HD get down. get, get down.
Track Name: Vibe On
lance: i thank haz beats i've got these beats to rhyme on
they pump hope out the speakers and off that i vibe on
mic's on or off i find it fun no matter what
so what ever my motives money can't be number one
c'mon let's go where i ghetto blast my ear holes to death with hip hop heroes
and stare stoned out of the back of the buses windows, 008 and i'm heading to my kinsfolk
where he breeds the instrumentals
and i regain strength like a sensu bean to (saen) see i'm playin for keeps
i treat each day like a chamber train with the beast
it beats workin' on a one way street for chumps with expertise to waste and two thumbs up from
those that i need to breathe easy in life i get right back out on my mission: dynamite
(chorus) x2
just what i like, just what i like, just what i need
just what i need, to get the vibe, give it to me
give it to me, give it to me, thats what i need
thats what i need, to get the vibe to vibe on

tony: this what i love this what i see got what you need
give it to you if it mix right then it's meant to be
your mind quakes at the flow and the delivery
now got you feeling a lil homely, blame that on the haz beatz!
the drum line, the gat jamming is so sweet
i had to pull the rasta rag out to wipe the sweat up off of my cheek
the vibe i'm on too strong to let go, heavy mellow as my words fill instrumentals
still Beko from the get go, still love for my ghetto fab Fambros and sisters who seen the light and chose
to ride the train, similar to the soul but to vibe you gotta let go and follow your nose
maybe like this i suggest you do the same thing coz we hang orangatang swang
get it together and rip it on the early stage crusades complete
once i'm posted with the team smoking the stickiest green
Track Name: I'll Be Home Soon
lance: i wont be left out in the cold i'm old enough as it is
i don't need kids to realise money is an essential
with instrumentals and potential to be large as life
we insert mics and rep our name tag (team dynamite)
i see the prize is right don't be surprised if should gel
with the music somehow soothing only as i tell
my side of the story honest not all for the glory
riding for the lord performing for those who were here before me
fortunate with or without the life and death experience
it shouldn't take a near miss to make me wanna yell out
that this is who i am and this is what i'm bout
and it doesn't i'm busting my lungs for the love of it
catch me lying if i said i didn't need to pocket
so up i rockit to profit from all that i can offer
i'm not supposed to be a hopes and dreams window shopper
under surveillance 24/7 i hip hop proper

i see you got your eyes on me
don't worry, cause i'll be home soon
if the world could only see how far we
it would be a whole new feel
can't worry about these fools who hate
open up the gate, we checking into stay till late
so hate it or congratulate it
i'll be home soon

tony: can't no longer keep my hands up i stand up
like the middle finger when in anger a gesture to remember
change of plans back before november pretender
get up out my way your weakening your armor
jealousy and karma coz we bomb more harder
you ashed out play the ten card on the ashphalt skip you back to me
on the lighter side of things
hip welcome me with your opens arms and let's see what drama brings home tonight
i'm seeing stars, ten guitars playing in your back yard old school memories of
Che Fu Chains and O.P.P. man, you know me, man but you don't no me yet
Goon tell em what we is (hip hop) too fresh, two wicks, one stick, uh oh about to blow
time for reinforcements maybe re-arange change bouncing with them new kids
grand opening nobody want them so i took em in, victim of the pen
mind eyes on the prize realize we all struggling
birds eye view on the kid from the avenue
Roskill's the home, he calling it with attitude.
Track Name: How Can We Lose?
so i'm holding on
(i hold on, i hold on, i hold on)
until my love is gone
(until it's gone, until it's gone, until it's gone)
you keep holding on
(come on, come on, come on)
coz we holding on
haters say (yeah!) lovers say (yeah!
how can we lose?

hey yo beko if you're ready go head let a sucker know
Port Des got them green trees roll it up and let's go. where? anywhere...
yeah, i've got a spot in mind down by the river side or we can go and find
a new scene for a session whatever you reckon
I reckon we get super high and blow the damn scene
properly they feeling we to the top i point swiftly
so like cannabis we heading only one way
up but for now we stay chilling like a sunday we do it o.u.r way
make it our own pace stepping to the right beat getting to the right place at the right time we
heavy dopers, auck city roamers never will forget that home is where the heart is
on the rise regardless and ready as we'll ever be
Tony Tz, Lucky Lance and the whole HD Family...

so let me continue (continue) continue to do what it do, how can we lose?
show and prove see who's got who on the back foot
bring back look how it is to be on feel good
reap real rewards point for the score book
and keep count tally up what you thought was yours
unfortunate flaws in there own principles leaves hole for fall of the fall of the misguided souls
and them individuals heading with them
quick to brag but they losing and can't see we cruising haz beats for the movement
to pick up momentum with instrumentals as the petrol
so here we go Dynamite! coming live from the central, auck sky city you with me?
sure as hell if you don't get together before leaving earth
if you do you'll be on the same buzz jamming how can we lose (can we lose)

so come with us and take shelter
smooth it out now sun down we round the bonfire
got that feel good to match and that drink by the barrel
horse doggz now we get high before we up on that saddle
with outstanding nights that too many couldn't handle
we stand alone in our own zone home grown the signs are clear we up in here
who's gonna tell us put the dynamite away, you cant rock the spot? fuck that press play
i'll give you all i got until i'm pin down non believers callin' for the 3 count
but guess what? what's that?
you know no buts about it the team that makes do with your love or with out it
you know what else cuz? what's that? i got your back. likewise
then that's us team dynamite make them haters stand up and say (yeah)
c'mon now properly (yeah) say it so we can do what it needs
Track Name: Love Me feat Agent Goon
lance: love me i'd like that but i wont be expecting you to write back hater i dont mind that
you hate me i'm a fucken hip hop baby HD i been living this style lately
and it makes me who i am (lucky lance)
land or at sea underground or up in the trees
no monkey buisness this is not the planet of the apes
chuck taylors or bathing apes whos real who's fake
who's late who's up to date who's to judge i wake and bake in the kitchen no cake
just the boys smiley face happy days what's to hate?
what the problem officer are we too blazed? (eh?!) what lanes?
i play games as a winner (yes) and im natural born sinner (plus)
victory of war i battle, cry if you must i make ashes and bust massive force that counts.

tony: (you know what) love it or leave it got you sitting on that fence you on since you was young
you can't picture what you love until it's gone (gone)
is what the used to tell me but what's my lick see
do i gotta do to succeed to be a black seed, something so true to me is like my own fam to me
hunger in the belly got me fired up and anxiously
waiting to blow flow sitting on a gold mine Beko and the Desmond so tell me who? (who, who)
i've got to talk to fuck it i'll walk through, no love me no care i'm dynamite don't move
i'm down with them dope dudes with no rules, church boys and old schools
i know it's kind of hard to love me and that's cool, coz i know coz i know coz i know!

(bridge) times up, you should've come to a decision
day one, are you down?
if so come on and...

haz: catch the face of the sun cool beam chase the warmth
picasso the canvas spray paint the wall
breakbeat absorb, we feel good in aucks
taste the pleasure & measure up the thoughts they talk
no need for others got the crew smother
dynamite, home brew, conscious nights we love it
spark up that comfort zone, mellow on a cloud nine
high life, can't get any better than on our time....

love us or hate me, push and shove escape dreams
lined up with HD, lucky lance, tony teez
substance mixdown that potentness, home brew be opium
we beat that flow sick like we slaughter heads
more lines to build a bridge, weathers fine, city life
do it right and get it done, ill kids on the mic
feel this, we bought right to kill scenes, ya feel me?
the real dynamite, auckland city filthy!
Track Name: Pe-Knuckle
p knuckle p knuckle one
p knuckle p knuckle one two
p knuckle p knuckle one two three shit
ooh i'ma ooh i'ma see you later

this gon connect to your hip bone
your hip bone connects to your back bone
and we dont want no throne, no no
we happy singing along

tony: i got that go go get up and get it some need this now more than ever
music to your ears is pleasing now don't it feel good to be in the outfield
chilling on the underground this is what it sounds like when doves cry on the light side
hip hopping to the beat cause it's needed to
help like it's a bullet proof
better start feeling like a winner who's supposed to be feeling this way
96 in the shade,100 full throttle in the sun with green bottles,you've won lotto
day living like tommorow ain't gon' be
but that's just how it is, like when you're broke but you got shiny rims
not a fuss he getting his, air jamming all the instruments
like it's gonna be on tonight, Pknuckle for your mic
so if you want that fire beware no Tyna
no big Rek no Saia but we still suspects
usually for bringing the heat, we call 'em bangers if feet
get to moving with that head nod and your fingers tapping it's all on...

lance: one of a kind in my own right mind body and soul
times life times right not gonna be getting any younger
i gotta get even while under the sun i believe that i'm needed more than both thumbs
bobbing like a pigeon the gatherer of crumbs for the meantime get well soon
feeling rehabilatated with my finger to the moon concentrating on the music til i find myself in tune
then i sway like sheets of music chucked off the harbour bride
cause i've been floating in it ever since i was a kid
but now i'm swimming in it tryna make the current change
so i can drift anywhere in the world without a plane
it's a good challenge but i love a challenge anyway
i'll be bangin 'em out whether booed or hip hop hooray
don't know who prays for me but thanks alot if it was you
and if it wasn't then this song's dedicated to you